TypeScript Bootcamp


Join us at our free TypeScript Bootcamp to learn the basics of TypeScript that will give you a solid foundation for starting your career in TypeScript.

After each lesson you will also have a chance to strengthen your gained skills by completing a home task.

Our training program will teach you how to build rich front-end experiences, such as interactive games. Successfully mastering the program will give you an opportunity to work as a software developer in Evolution.

Admission is based on the results of the interview and a test assignment, which can be done in JavaScript or TypeScript. Classes will be held ONLINE using MS Teams.


Duration – From January 23rd to May 1st 2023

Frequency – 3 times per week from 17.00 to 19.00 CET on Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Language – English

Why TypeScript with Evolution

Evolution is an international, world leading B2B developer and provider of games and services for the online casino industry with 1000+ Engineers present in Latvia, Estonia, Netherlands, Belarus, Ukraine, Sweden, Portugal, Bulgaria. We are successfully using

TypeScript as the main programming language for our front-end.

TypeScript is a mature language that compiles to JavaScript and thus runs on all browsers and environments such as node.js.

It has a rich type system and supports the functional programming paradigm, leading to writing high-quality and maintainable code. It has good interoperability with existing JavaScript code and libraries.

We believe TypeScript, with the set of libraries we have chosen (React, Redux/MobX, Babylon.js), is the most practical and productive programming platform for developing rich front-end experiences, such as our games.

At Evolution, we have successfully used TypeScript in production since 2016 to build our games.

We have more than 100 knowledgeable TypeScript engineers keen to mentor newcomers in TypeScript and modern front-end programming practices.

How It Works


Apply with your CV

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Complete the practical assignment and pass a screening call

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Learn TypeScript


  • Basic experience with JavaScript and HTML/CSS
  • English language level – ‘Intermediate’ or higher
  • Willingness to learn TypeScript and associated libraries and to write clean, production-quality code
  • Interest in joining Evolution after the Bootcamp completion

Course Structure

  • TypeScript
  • State management
  • 2D and 3D programming
  • JavaScript Ecosystem


Basic features (enums, classes, types, interfaces)
`typeof` and `keyof`

State management

Redux including Middleware and Thunks
Observable state

2D and 3D programming

Working with Canvas

JavaScript Ecosystem

Unit, integration & E2E testing
Packaging & deploying, create-react-app, Webpack
CSS Tools
SVG and CSS animations


  • Aliaksei Barysionak
  • Uladzislau Drabovich
  • Aleksey Kozlenkov
  • Armands Baurovskis
  • Kirill Voloshin

Hi, I’m Aliaksei. Since I was a child, I have enjoyed building things. For example, I had an entire city built with LEGO, and I can’t count how many hours I spent on this. Coding has opened a new world of opportunities for me. A new world to build my own things. Frontend allows me to use creative and technical skills together, allowing me to be an engineer and an artist at the same time. I have the ability to create beautiful and performant products with delightful user experiences.

However, you can’t create something incredible without suitable tools. Typescript is one of the main tools I use. It has saved me a lot of time by catching errors and providing fixes before actually running the code. Typescript allows me to write better, cleaner, more productive and maintainable code. Using Typescript, I can finally concentrate on creation.
Those who once tried Typescript are unlikely to want to go back. But whether you choose TS or JS –  programming is a wonderful journey where everyone can choose the way that brings pleasure.

Aliaksei Barysionak

Frontend Developer

Hello, my name is Vlad. I am a front-end developer with over 3+ years of experience in front-end.
I graduated from BSUIR and studied a lot of engineering programming practices there. During my university time, I worked with C, C++, Java, and JavaScript.
I started my web development journey with vanilla JS, HTML, and CSS. Then I had an experience with Angular, where I worked with types in JavaScript. It was a rewarding experience that provided a clear understanding of best practices and profitability of types. Also, I had some experience with node JS and Express to write simple server APIs.

In my daily work, I use React + Typescript. I like this combination because these technologies are modern, fast, and reliable. I can’t even imagine using React without TS. I will share with you web development knowledge and provide relevant practical exercises. See you later!

Uladzislau Drabovich

Frontend Developer

A long time ago at the beginning of my career I was coding in Java. Compiled languages were so natural to me I could not have imagined not using them. Calling a method and finding out that it does not exist only in runtime? Nonsense.

Couple years later I had to switch to frontend role, Angular 2.x was hot those days and it was coming with Typescript by default. I think that switching from typed to typed language smoothed this transition a lot.

I’ve been working with Typescript for 6 years now. It is a powerful tool that helps you write more stable, informative, adaptable to refactoring and less error prone code. On my project we even generate TS definitions from our back-end API to achieve truthful types where they tend to be unpredictable.

Typescript can be tricky to start with, so during this TS Bootcamp we will help you discover its mysteries.

Aleksey Kozlenkov

Frontend Developer

Most of my software engineering career, I was doing iOS native application development using Obj-C & Swift language. Joining to Evolution, I had a great opportunity to try out game development using TypeScript – and it was worth it.

Moving to JavaScript was not a hard task, as the language concept is used in most modern languages. JavaScript is a great language to learn & use as there is no limits what you can do with it. Develop mobile apps using React Native, desktop apps using Electron, Web applications, 2D & 3D game development, machine learning, backend service using NodeJS and so on and on.

TypeScript is basically JavaScript on steroids – as it adds all necessary features to which were missing for the already great language. Every valid JavaScript code is valid TypeScript code.

Armands Baurovskis

Lead Frontend Developer

My software engineering career started in industrial automation, which meant apps needed to be designed and written in any suitable language. Some platform limitations got me writing a lot of type-unsafe pure JS code, own page update implementations etc. You probably know how “fun” it is.

Since everyone was talking about TypeScript, I gave it a try and have been pleasantly surprised. In a lot of cases TypeScript tells you there is an error before you update the page and look at the developer console. Typing variables does make you write a bit more code, but trust me, this way of codebase documentation is a must have for applications, developed and supported by a lot of people. Use TypeScript, it is awesome!

Kirill Voloshin

Frontend Developer