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Our Game Presenters lead the game at the table. This means that you open the game, accept the bets, deal the cards or spin the ball and then announce the winner. The games air live at all times and during the play you also interact with the players.

The work requires a high level of service and attention to detail to ensure fair play. As one of our Game Presenters, you are the face of our company and our customers and your main task is to deliver on the high-quality online gaming experience that Evolution is known for.

We do not require any specific work experience or skills for this role, but we need you to have good English, strong work ethics and be open to learn new things. You spend your first weeks of your journey with us in our Evolution Academy where we teach you game technique and the presentability skills that you need to be camera-ready.

For the Game Presenter role, we are looking for loyal team players who are fast to pick up on the game rules and presentation requirements and who approach work with a high level of professionalism. In return, we offer a state-of-the-art and social workplace, flexible work schedules and a competitive benefits package. Working for us as a Game Presenter will also boost your language and presentation skills as well as give you valuable experience from an international fast-paced work environment. For our high performers, we offer multiple career opportunities in our international organization.