Our Shufflers manage the cards at the tables. This means that you mix the cards and put them in the shoe so that the Game Presenter can use them in the game at the table. Every shift, you support multiple tables with this service. Your job is a key element of the game which helps secure that it is properly conducted. The work therefore requires high level of service as well as the ability to follow rules and pay attention to details.

We do not require any previous work experience from our Shufflers. We look for individuals with strong work ethics who enjoy working in a team. We need you to be a fast learner who is good at following procedures. To learn the job tasks, you spend your first five days with us in our Evolution Academy to train on card shuffling.

We offer a state-of-the-art and social workplace, flexible schedule and the opportunity to take the first steps in your career. For the Shufflers who wish to use this opportunity to build a future international career, we offer English classes.