There are a number of functions involved in planning and leading the work in our studios. These roles range from responsibilities in planning the overall operations and shifts to leading teams of Online Casino Dealers and Card Shufflers to monitoring of the game to managing the equipment that we use at the tables.

All roles in this section requires previous work experience in a relevant field. We train each team member on the specific knowledge required for each role, but it is essential that you come with a basic understanding of how we run our studios. Many of our studio management team members therefore started with us as an Online Casino Dealer.


As our studios operate 24/7/365, most of the roles in this category are shift-based.

Key studio management roles include:

OPERATIONS MANAGER – this role is overall responsible for planning and direction for a section of the studio operations. The responsibility includes both planning and management of the local business, budget and staffing.

TEAM MANAGER – as a Team Manager, you lead a team of Online Casino Dealers or Card Shufflers. Your role is to ensure the team is performing to the expected performance targets and manage their schedule. You will be the main point of contact for the Online Casino Dealer or Shuffler, communicating important company information, helping and guiding them while at work and also developing them in their roles.

FLOOR SUPERVISOR – the Floor Supervisor on duty run the work in the studio by ensuring all duties are covered properly and supporting the Online Casino Dealers and Card Shufflers if there are any questions.

TRAINER – our Trainers are part of our Evolution Academy. It is where all new Online Casino Dealers go to train for the first part of their journey with us and also where any re-training takes place. Our Trainers support with both game technique training and soft skills training, related to how to present the game and interact with the players while leading the game.

SERVICE MANAGER – our Service Managers monitor all tables in operation live and supports the Online Casino Dealers in case of any need while at the table. The key job of this team is to ensure fair play and that all requirements in terms of game technique are met.

EQUIPMENT MANAGEMENT – this area spans roles with responsibilities in uniform handling and card counting and handling, as well as maintenance of certain areas of the gaming floor equipment such as the Blackjack tables.