Evolution is hiring for your Danish team in Malta. Join fellow Danes on the sunny island for a life experience!

Do you want to live by the sea under the blue sky?

Meet new friends from all over the world?

Work for a Nordic company with real long-term career opportunities?

Start your adventure abroad with Evolution!

We are looking for a Game Presenters for Danish team in Malta.

As a Game Presenter, you host the game for Danish players from our high tech broadcasting studio in Malta.

No work experience? No problem.

During your first weeks with us, we train you on all you need to know to be successful at your work. And guess what? The training is paid!

To make sure you get settled in properly in your new home country, we offer a relocation package: flight tickets and accommodation for the first 20 days in Malta.


✈ Relocation package including flight & accommodation for the first 20 nights in Malta (if you are not already living in Malta).

🏡 Assistance with finding a place to live on a sunny island ☀

🎁 Competitive salary with a clear bonus system and paid breaks.

💪Up to 3 weeks’ paid training at our Evolution Academy.

👑 Growth opportunities throughout the company.

🤸‍♀️ Free membership at a local gym.

🚕 Cab service to and from work during the night shift.

We currently have over 1000 Game Presenters in Malta – are you the next one? 😉


A small yet vibrant island in the heart of the Mediterranean, Malta offers a versatility of quaint areas, heritage, beautiful beaches, and commercial life. Its size makes travelling around the island easy. A drive from the furthest points on the island will take you a maximum of 60 minutes, and realistically you can never be more than 20 minutes away from the beach. with its warm climate, Mediterranean lifestyle and people known for their hospitability, Malta is a home to many expats.


Evolution – founded in 2006 – is a Swedish company, employing close to 14,000 people across about 30 locations world wide. The company is a leading provider of products and advanced software for iGaming.

Want to know more about Evolution and our mission?


What happens after I apply?

After your application is received, we will call you to schedule your first interview. If this goes well, we request for you to send us a video where you present yourself. This must be in Danish. This way we can check your language skills and we can see how comfortable you are in front of the camera! 📸

I have never hosted a game before, is that a problem?

Not at all! When you arrive at first, you get at least 2 weeks of (paid!) training. We will teach you all about the games and presentation skills. This way you can confidently start your job with us.

What does the studio look like?

Our studios are like a giant media news centers filled with tables, beautiful scenery, wires and cameras. It is a vibrant and lively environment where you and your colleagues work side by side to serve Danish players through the largest Danish online casino web sites. While at work, you stand behind a table, deal the cards and interact with the players through a chat and verbally.

If there are any issues or you need help, you can press a button for assistance.

How are you handling Covid-19?

Our studio has remained open throughout Covid. We have adapted some work routines and introduced additional procedures to keep our teams safe. As most countries are now opening up, we will continue to adapt how we work to ensure our teams remain safe. Your recruiter can tell you more about what the current status is.

By the way – did you know that Malta has one of the highest rates of fully vaccinated populations in the world??

More questions?

Write to us at Evolution Malta on Instagram or Facebook!


We are a diverse and rapidly growing group of people who are guided by our values: ALIVE, DO RIGHT and WORK TOGETHER. We are always looking for innovative talent with the ambition to work in a dynamic team within one of the world's fastest expanding industries.


Ready to start #YOUREVOLUTION?


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